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The Center for Land Use and Sustainability has been involved in a variety of student and research projects related to land use and sustainability. Learn more in our project factsheets, background documents, final products, and reports.

Annual Reports

Read the most recent CLUS Annual Reports.

2020 CLUS Annual Report

2019 CLUS Annual Report

2018 CLUS Annual Report

2017 CLUS Annual Report

2016 CLUS Annual Report

Story Maps

Story Maps are interactive web maps designed to convey specific messages and allow spatial data to tell their story. These student created maps support our community collaborations. Learn more about the Kittatinny Ridge Coalition and South Mountain Partnership or contact us to discuss the development of a web or story map for your own organization.

CLUS Strategic Plan

A Long Way With Many Bends

Antrim Township Solar Insolation

Parking Inventory in Dauphin County

DRWI Cluster Analysis for ATC

Forest Legacy Trail

CLUS Project Footprints

PA Parks and Forests Foundation

South Mountain Partnership- Minigrants

Burgoon Watercress Tract

Kittatinny Ridge- Land Cover Dynamics

DRB2070- Land Use Scenarios


Dashboards are a powerful way to combine tabular data with spatial data in an interactive platform. Contact us to learn more about our dashboards.

Community resilience demographic data for south-central Pennsylvania

Community resilience hazard data for south-central Pennsylvania

Community resilience risk assessment for south-central Pennsylvania


The CLUS analyzes spatial data and makes custom maps. See a selection of products related to our Delaware River Basin Project and Poconos-Kittatinny Cluster Consulting. Contact us to learn more about our mapping services.

Shippensburg Shade Trees

DRB Study Area

DRB Urbanization

PKC Cluster Map

The Center for Land Use and Sustainability is involved in a variety of Student and Research Projects related to land use.