Vision and Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Land Use and Sustainability is fostering healthy, vibrant, and sustainable communities through applied research, experiential learning opportunities, and interdisciplinary, cross-sector partnerships. Our vision is to be a leader in transforming scientific research into social innovations that promote a thriving economy while preserving resources and reducing the impacts of climate change. Support our mission.

Our guiding values:


Fostering Sustainability, Justice, and Equity

Our view of sustainability is holistic, encompassing environmental, social, and economic perspectives. We strongly support informed decision-making processes that consider social determinants of health and creative placemaking to support healthy growth of our communities while preserving resources and opportunities for future generations.


Student Success

Through applied research with faculty and community partners, students build professional networks and skills that prepare them for the workforce or further studies, while addressing sustainability challenges.


Professional Excellence

All work affiliated with the CLUS should represent excellent scholarship, meet or exceed current professional standards, and adhere to the highest ethical practices.



Today’s social, economic, and environmental challenges require an interdisciplinary approach. Successful collaborations are built on respect, consensus building, diversity, open-minds, and willingness to learn from each other- the CLUS strives to embrace these practices.

CLUS 2020-2025 Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan Story Map

The Center for Land Use and Sustainability at Shippensburg University serves as a key resource in South Central Pennsylvania. CLUS staff, leadership, students, and affiliate scholars developed a strategic plan, defining goals and strategies to guide our work over the next five years.

Explore the Strategic Plan story mapwhich highlights our Goals:

Goal 1: Support the growth of healthy, vibrant, sustainable communities throughout South Central Pennsylvania and beyond

Goal 2: Facilitate development of diverse skills that prepare students to pursue meaningful career pathways

Goal 3: Connect affiliate scholars to the community through research and partnerships that advance interdisciplinary, scalable solutions to achieve greater social, economic, and environmental sustainability

Goal 4: Elevate Shippensburg University’s regional leadership role in sustainability and technology

Goal 5: Build the Center’s organizational resilience and financial sustainability


CLUS Strategic Plan

Read the full 2020-2025 CLUS Strategic Plan to review the strategies we are pursuing to achieve our goals, as well as the key performance indicators (KPIs) used to gauge our success.


This vision, mission, and values of the CLUS support the broader institutional vision articulated in the 2016-2021 Shippensburg University Strategic Plan and the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education System Redesign initiative.