CLUS Student Fellows

Through scholarship with CLUS Affiliate Scholars and community partners, our students build professional networks and skills that prepare them for the workforce or further studies, while addressing sustainability challenges. As of Spring 2020, over 30 Undergraduate and Graduate Student Fellows from across Shippensburg University have engaged in high-quality interdisciplinary research, supporting communities at local, regional, and global scales. Our students have been involved in the following:

  • Attend conferences and meetings to represent the CLUS and share findings
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Conducting GIS analyses and developing high-quality research products
  • Data collection, analysis, and literature review to support grants
  • Internships with the CLUS or within our partner network 
  • Research credit for pursuing individual research and scholarship
  • Technical writing to support CLUS outreach, organizational development, and communication efforts

Our students are hard-working, highly skilled, and professional. We are always looking for new collaborations and ways to engage students from across the university. Learn more about current on-campus employment opportunities through Ship Career Connection, or contact us to learn more!

Current Students

Our Student Fellows represent a variety of disciplines across campus. Learn more about our current students and the projects in which they engage.

Drake Myers

CLUS Graduate Student Fellow

Originally from Manchester, Pennsylvania, in York County, Drake graduated from Shippensburg University in May 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Geography/GIS. During his undergraduate degree, he participated in the Shippensburg University Raider Marching Band (drumline section leader 2020 and...

Kyle Myers

CLUS Graduate Student Fellow

Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Kyle is a graduate student in the Geoenvironmental Studies program at Shippensburg University. In 2021, he graduated from Penn State with a double major in Geography and Anthropology. His current academic interests are in energy geography,...

Mavis Anderson

CLUS Undergraduate Student Fellow

Mavis Anderson is from Mechanicsburg, PA. She is a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Sustainability and a concentration in Environmental Conservation. She enjoys being in the outdoors and live music, as well as a combination of...

Nathan Bard

CLUS Undergraduate Student Fellow

Nathan Bard is a GeoEnvironmental Science major at Shippensburg University. His main hobbies are watching sports, cooking, and going to concerts whenever possible. He has a Pitbull/American Bully mix named Reno. After graduating, his goal is to find work with...

Riley Hollar

CLUS Co-Op Student

Riley is a senior at Shippensburg Area Senior High School and is a co-op student at the CLUS. After high school, Riley hopes to major in Environmental Science. Her interests include climate science, marine science, and sustainability. Riley is a...

Sarah Thompson

CLUS Graduate Student Fellow

Sarah earned her undergraduate degree in Environmental Sustainability from Shippensburg University in 2021 and is continuing in the Geography/Earth Science department to earn her M.S. in Geoenvironmental Science and Sustainability. She is a member of the international honor society in...

Trevor Wiser

CLUS Undergraduate Student Fellow

Trevor is an undergraduate student at Shippensburg University pursuing a B.S in Sustainability. He is currently working for the Ship SAILS program at the University Farm. In his spare time, he likes to exercise and travel. Projects: ShipComposts, Shippensburg Tree...
Former Student Fellows and Ship Alumni
A growing number of SU students began their professional careers with part time work as CLUS Student Fellows. After graduation, their skills and community connections have led them to successful job placement related to their degrees and interests. We wish our students the best of luck with their bright futures, and thank them for their important contributions to our research projects,