Nadine Oakley Simms, V.M.D.

CLUS Advisory Council Member

Dr. Nadine Oakley Simms received her V.M.D. degree at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine, in 1978. She joined her husband in partnership owning and operating Burnt Mill Veterinary Center, serving both large and small animals in the Cumberland Valley for over 40 years.

Dr. Oakley’s primary interests were equine and small animal medicine. She served as the veterinarian for the Therapeutic Riding Program of Penn State and as veterinarian for the Wilson College stables, where she did some informal lecturing for the stable management program.

In 1984 she and her husband were featured on the TV show 20/20 depicting rural veterinary practice.

Since retirement in 2013, her interest in land preservation and sustainability led her to reclaiming a 15-acre wooded area on her farm and acquiring conservation easements on both farms that she and her husband own. Students have been welcome to pursue projects on the 121 acres where they reside along with 5 llamas, 2 dogs and assorted cats.

All summed up, as a favorite T-shirt quotes: “There is no Planet B”