Community Research Needs

As part of our commitment to facilitating campus-community engagement through applied research, the CLUS maintains this library of project needs that have been submitted by community partners.

If you are a local organization with an applied research need: please post a research project! We are happy to consider projects that are broadly related to social, economic, or environmental sustainability. We will periodically advertise your projects to our students and faculty.

If you are a student interested in a research experience, browse our projects and see if there is anything that matches your interests. Click the “Be a part of this research” button and we’ll help guide you through the rest of the process – including identifying a faculty mentor.

If you are a faculty member interested in mentoring one of these projects, please click the “Be a part of this research” button and we’ll help find a student researcher. Are you already working on an applied research project where students could participate? Feel free to post a research project, or encourage your community partner to post a project.

Contact us if you have any questions.