Community Research Support

CLUS students and faculty are supporting local communities by completing small-scale community projects such as creating maps and analyzing data.

Annual solar insolation by parcel in Antrim Township, PA. Insolation values calculated with Area Solar Radiation Tool from 8/1/2017 through 7/31/2018 to match monthly timelines monitored by First Energy.

Evaluating solar power resources in Antrim Township

Many communities are exploring renewable energy sources as part of resilient energy strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and long-term energy costs for community residents and businesses. The CLUS has partnered with Antrim Township to evaluate solar resources relative to current electricity demand. The CLUS students and staff developed an online mapping tool that estimates solar electricity production by land parcel.  A study was also conducted to evaluate regional solar insolation, electricity demand for the prior year, total land area for solar infrastructure necessary to meet current community demands, and electricity storage capacities required to overcome short and long term fluctuations in solar radiation, relative to seasonal demand.

Read final report or see presentation slides.

Shippensburg Shade Trees

The Shippensburg Shade Tree Commission is responsible for regulating the planting, removal, and pruning of shade trees that are located in public streets and property within the Borough of Shippensburg. In support of the Commission, CLUS students performed an inventory of the shade trees in Shippensburg Borough.

Inventory of shade trees completed for Shippensburg Borough, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. View the percent total tree cover and tree species in the interactive map above.

The Center for Land Use and Sustainability is involved in a variety of Student and Research Projects related to land use.