Conodoguinet Creek Watershed Association

The CLUS is helping the Conodoguinet Creek Watershed Association (CCWA) celebrate 30 years as a leader on matters that affect the health and welfare of the Conodoguinet Creek Watershed.

To commemorate this anniversary, CLUS and CCWA are launching a new interactive map and video project called, “A Long Way with Many Bends.” The project is a visual story of Pennsylvania’s Conodoguinet Creek and Watershed, the Conodoguinet Creek Water Trail and the Conodoguinet Creek Watershed Association. The story includes educational materials about the region’s waters, geology and agriculture, and it highlights stunning images taken from the air and interviews with people working on the ground to protect, preserve and promote the watershed. “A Long Way with Many Bends” is the cumulative result of 30 years of CCWA-inspired watershed partnerships and another product of 150 years of high-quality student learning experiences at Shippensburg University.

From 2018-2019 the Shippensburg University Office of Communications and Marketing developed a series of videos in support of this project. CLUS scientists collected drone imagery along the creek and developed a story map to highlight the Conodoguinet Creek and Water Trail.

A Long Way With Many Bends

A visual story about the Conodoguinet Creek, Conodoguinet Creek Watershed Association, and Conodoguinet Creek Water Trail

Affiliate Scholars

Courtney Malott

Undergraduate Student Fellow

Courtney is a student at Shippensburg University pursuing a major in Geoenvironmental Studies and a minor in GIS. She is also a member and Captain of the Women's Volleyball Team for Shippensburg. Scheduled to graduate December of 2018, Courtney is hoping to...

Scott Drzyzga, Ph.D., GISP

Professor, Department of Geography-Earth Sciences

B.A. in Geography from State University of New York at Geneseo M.A. in Geography from Michigan State University Ph.D. in Geography from Michigan State University Dr. Drzyzga is the GIScience Director for the CLUS. He is an experienced specialist in geographic information science and technology, is a...
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