CLUS Affiliate Scholars serve on the Clean Air Board of Central Pennsylvania. Dr. George Pomeroy (Geography-Earth Science) previously served, and Dr. Steve Haase (Psychology) joined the board in October 2020.

The Board’s mission is to raise public awareness of air quality issues in the region to protect our health and quality of life. The Board accomplishes its mission through local air quality monitoring and also through advocacy by promoting and coordinating policy and practices for clean air. The Clean Air Board formed in 2005, following a letter writing campaign in August of that year signed by over 100 local physicians. The letter was written to raise awareness of the negative health consequences of the poor air quality in Cumberland County. The next month a committee of faith-based, concerned citizens formed a committee to investigate solutions to air quality problems in the region. The Clean Air Board of Central Pennsylvania (CAB) formed as a result of the committee’s work.

CLUS Affiliate Scholars serve on the Clean Air Board

Purple Air Monitoring

Visit Purple Air for real-time air monitoring! Air monitoring is now available in the Shippensburg area with two new monitors, one on campus and the other at the Centers for Excellence on 29 E. King Street.

Affiliate Scholars

Steven Haase, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

B.S. from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign M.S. from University of Wisconsin, Madison Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin, Madison I have applied my background in experimental, cognitive, and perceptual psychology to the interdisciplinary problem of sustainability. Along with several colleagues in...
College of Arts & Sciences

George Pomeroy, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Geography-Earth Science

Ph.D. in Urban Studies from University of Akron M.S. in Geography from Western Washington University B.A. Ed. in Geography from Western Washington University George Pomeroy is the Associate Director of the CLUS. He teaches courses and conducts research related to community and regional planning, as...
College of Arts & Sciences