Become an Affiliate Scholar

We are seeking interested faculty and staff to participate as collaborators and project leads. It is critical that the CLUS becomes self-sustaining, so affiliate faculty and staff should be committed to revenue generating projects (grants, fee services, fund-raising, etc.). In return, we can offer grant writing and project management support along with our current suite of expertise from our affiliate scholars to conduct research and complete projects.

  • e.g. Professor
  • e.g. College of Arts and Sciences, or Technology & Library Services
  • e.g. Department of Biology
  • i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc. (Please write "N/A" if not applicable)
  • e.g. B.S. from Michigan State; M.S. from Shippensburg University; Ph.D. from University of Utah
  • e.g. Mapping sciences, public policy, human health
  • We ask for 2-3 sentences about you and your work
  • Select all applicable roles and responsibilities
  • Share any current projects that could be listed under the CLUS, or projects you are interested in pursuing, as a project lead or collaborator. This information will be used to build collaborative teams and to identify potential funding sources.
  • Share any current CLUS-related student projects, or describe projects that you would like to develop with students (e.g. with a SURE grant, undergraduate research grant, etc.). This information will help to recruit students on specific research themes.
  • Please share your thoughts below.
  • Please share any other questions or thoughts below.
  • Alternatively, please email a photo to Antonia Price ([email protected])
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