Recommitment and Celebration

With the completion of our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan and move to downtown Shippensburg, the Center for Land Use and Sustainability is pleased to unveil a new logo and color scheme. These changes were made in recognition of our progress over the last five years, helping us celebrate our past as we move toward the future. Our new logo represents where we have been, who we are, and the bright future ahead.

Our Story

Our foundation is built on a holistic approach, encompassing environmental, social, and economic perspectives in our work. Our strategic plan articulates our mission, vision, and values, and helps us prioritize and focus resources. Our new logo provides a symbolic essence of our work, with each element representing a different area of sustainability and component of our organization.


The heart of our logo is the landscape, representing our commitment to the environment and surrounding communities. This element utilizes a true topographic profile of our landscape, looking south down the Cumberland Valley, featuring South Mountain (left) and the Kittatinny Ridge (right). Our landscape sustains the natural and social systems that are vital to our work and lives. Land use planning and decision support is an essential part of what the center provides, by conducting analyses and presenting information that supports healthy growth in our communities.


The rays in our logo represent the best of our organization- our ideals, strengths, and the bright future for which we strive. In the literal sense, the sun rays represent our focus on sustainability and climate resilience, alluding to solar energy infrastructure and sustainable solutions for complex social issues. This element of our logo also represents our students- the bright and energetic next generation that helps conduct our work and engages with the community. These rays represent the values that guide the center, working to ensure long-term livability for residents and generations to come: Fostering Sustainability, Justice, and Equity; Student Success; Professional Excellence; and Collaboration.


The root of our work is collaboration and an interdisciplinary approach, symbolized by the gear in our logo. Successful collaborations are built on respect, consensus building, diversity, open-minds, and willingness to learn from each other. We connect the expertise of our affiliate scholars and student fellows to the community through research and partnerships that build capacity for our partners. The new location in downtown Shippensburg will allow us to create stronger relationships between the University, community residents, and local businesses- an expansion that will give us greater understanding of complex issues related to climate, land use, and sustainability.

In our logo and in reality, these concepts are inextricably intertwined. By considering the environment, social equity, and economy, we are able to form our larger concept of sustainability. Together, they overlap and are critical as a unit, for us to reach our desired future. We are pleased with our new logo and its representation of who we are. Learn more about the Center for Land Use and Sustainability, and how you can Support our Mission!