Kittatinny Ridge

Project Title: GIS Project for the Kittatinny Ridge Coalition
Timeline: January 2016 – present
Funding Source: National Audubon Society, Inc.

The Kittatinny Ridge Coalition is an alliance of organizations, agencies, and academic institutions working with municipal officials and private landowners to conserve the natural, scenic, cultural, and aesthetic resources of the Kittatinny Ridge and Corridor. Shippensburg University is an active member, and the CLUS is partnering with the Coalition to provide GIS support services for its mission. Our current work with the Coalition focuses on three goals:
Create and maintain GIS datasets

Create and maintain a series of GIS data sets to support research and conservation activities. The current GIS data list GIS can be found here, and geodatabases will be available through the Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA) portal. Search for the keyword “Kittatinny Ridge” or by data provider for “Center for Land Use and Sustainability.”

Calculate baseline landscape metrics

Calculate a series of baseline landscape metrics for the Kittatinny Ridge. We are especially interested in investigating land use dynamics in the Corridor, and are calculating metrics that include changes in housing unit and population density, changes in land use and land cover, forest fragmentation, and others.

Update parcel prioritization analysis

In August 2014, Audubon Pennsylvania and The Nature Conservancy joined efforts to identify the most important parcels along the Kittatinny Ridge for protection. We have now partnered with the Coalition to update the parcel prioritization analysis and extend it to include the Corridor.